Classy Girl
I always enjoyed working with recycled materials and found objects, I find it fascinating how almost anything can be given a second life. Colour was one of the strongest influences in my work and that was what drew me to the postage stamps, particularly the machins (stamps that show the bas-relief portrait of Queen Elizabeth II), I was amazed at the colours that existed. I also enjoy the postmarks that are left behind, giving each piece a history and individuality.

Tokyo Dreams 2005-2012
I have had an intense interest in Japan and it’s culture for many years and it provided me with inspiration for this range. It is a country with a strong sense of tradition and rich past, yet at the same time it is at the fore front of modern technology and has a very visual culture. I used elements from traditional Kimono fabrics to create patterns which where realised in bright colours, and shapes, inspired by fashions in the Harajuku district of Tokyo.

Bunnies 2005
During my exploration of Japanese culture for the “Tokyo Dreams” pieces, I discovered that although Japan has a very strong character culture, it is something that is spreading world wide, in 2D and 3D. These pieces were predominantly about exploring colour, printing techniques and press forming techniques in great depth, but also allowed me to explore the use of alternative catches, in this case a magnetic catch which became an integral part of the piece. Each piece is also reversible.